Groonga 14.0.1 has been released

Groonga 14.0.1 has been released!

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Here are important changes in this release:


  • [load] Stopped reporting an error when we load key that becomes an empty key by normalization.

    "-" becomes "" with NormalizerNFKC150("remove_symbol", true). So the following case reports a "empty key" error.

    table_create Values TABLE_HASH_KEY ShortText \
      --normalizers 'NormalizerNFKC150("remove_symbol", true)'
    table_create Data TABLE_NO_KEY
    column_create Data value COLUMN_SCALAR Values
    load --table Data
    {"value": "-"}

    However, if we many load in such data, many error log are generated. Because Groonga output many "empty key" error because of Groonga can't register empty string to index.

    No problem even if empty string can't register to index in such case. Because we don't match anything even if we search by empty string. So, we stop reporting an "empty key" error in such case.


  • Fixed a crash bug if a request is canceled between or range search.

    This bug doesn't necessarily occur. This bug occur when we cancel a request in the specific timing. This bug occur easily when search time is long such as sequential search.

  • Fixed a bug that highlight_html may return invalid result when the following conditions are met.

    • We use multiple normalizers such as NormalizerTable and NormalizerNFKC150.
    • We highlight string include whitespace.

    For example, this bug occur such as the following case.

    table_create NormalizationsIndex TABLE_PAT_KEY ShortText --normalizer NormalizerAuto
    table_create Normalizations TABLE_HASH_KEY UInt64
    column_create Normalizations normalized COLUMN_SCALAR LongText
    column_create Normalizations target COLUMN_SCALAR NormalizationsIndex
    column_create NormalizationsIndex index COLUMN_INDEX Normalizations target
    table_create Lexicon TABLE_PAT_KEY ShortText \
      --normalizers 'NormalizerTable("normalized", \
                                     "Normalizations.normalized", \
                                     "target", \
                                     "target"), NormalizerNFKC150'
    table_create Names TABLE_HASH_KEY UInt64
    column_create Names name COLUMN_SCALAR Lexicon
    load --table Names
    [1,"Sato Toshio"]
    select Names \
      --query '_key:1 OR name._key:@"Toshio"' \
      --output_columns 'highlight_html(name._key, Lexicon)
            "sato <span class=\"keyword\">toshi</span>o"
  • [Ubuntu] We become able to provide package for Ubuntu again.

    We don't provide packages for Ubuntu in Groonga version 14.0.0. Because we fail makeing Groonga package for Ubuntu by problrm of build environment for Ubuntu package.

    We fixed problrm of build environment for Ubuntu package in 14.0.1. So, we can provide packages for Ubuntu again since this release.

  • Fixed build error when we build from source by using clang.


Please refert to the following news for more details. News Release 14.0.1

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