Groonga 11.0.0 has been released

Groonga 11.0.0 has been released!

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Here are important changes in this release:

  • select Added support for outputting values of scalar column and vector column via nested index.

    • The nested index is that has structure as below.

      table_create Products TABLE_PAT_KEY ShortText
      table_create Purchases TABLE_NO_KEY
      column_create Purchases product COLUMN_SCALAR Products
      column_create Purchases tag COLUMN_SCALAR ShortText
      column_create Products purchases COLUMN_INDEX Purchases product
    • The Products.purchases column is a index of Purchases.product column in the above example. Also, Purchases.product is a reference to Products table.

  • [Windows] Dropped support for packages of Windows version that we had cross compiled by using MinGW on Linux.

    • From now on, we use the following packages for Windows.

    • If a system already has installed Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library, we suggest that we use the following packages.

  • Fixed a bug that there is possible that index is corrupt when Groonga executes many additions, delete, and update information in it.

    • This bug occurs when we only execute many delete information from index. However, it doesn't occur when we only execute many additions information into index.

    • We can repair the index that is corrupt by this bug using reconstruction of it.

    • This bug doesn't detect unless we reference the broken index. Therefore, the index in our indexes may has already broken.

    • We can use index_column_diff command to confirm whether the index has already been broken or not.


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