PGroonga (fast full text search module for PostgreSQL) 3.0.1 has been released

PGroonga 3.0.1 has been released! PGroonga makes PostgreSQL fast full text search for all languages.


Here are highlights of PGroonga 3.0.1:


  • Added a newly function pgroonga_wal_status().

    This function display a status of applying PGroonga's WAL. The maximum size of PGroonga's WAL is limited by pgroonga.max_wal_size.

    If we execute many modification before PGroonga doesn't apply PGroonga's WAL, not applied PGroonga's WAL may lost. Because PGroonga's WAL is over writed from the head of it when the size of modification over pgroonga.max_wal_size

    We understand the size of applied PGroonga's WAL by this function. Therefore we can prevent lost for not applied PGroonga's WAL.


  • Fixed a bug that dead lock occures when we execute UPDATE or INSERT while we execute REINDEX INDEX ... CONCURRENTLY.

  • Fixed a bug that if we repeated REINDEX and VACUUM, PGroonga may return incorrect results and fail INSERT.

How to upgrade

If you're using PGroonga 2.0.0 or later, you can upgrade by steps in "Compatible case" in Upgrade document.

If you're using PGroonga 1.Y.Z, you can upgrade by steps in "Incompatible case" in Upgrade document.

Support service

If you need commercial support for PGroonga, contact us.


Try PGroonga when you want to perform fast full text search against all languages on PostgreSQL!