Groonga 5.0.7 has been released

Groonga 5.0.7 has been released!

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  • Important bug fix
    • Fixed a bug about offline index construction
  • Experimental improvements
    • [windows] Supported sparse file

Please examine update your Groonga if there is an item that you use index column with WITH_SECTION flag and use offline index construction. We recommends to upgrade Groonga in such a case.

Please feel free to ask us on mailing list or GitHub Issues if you have any questions.

Fixed a bug about offline index construction

In this release, a bug about offline index construction is fixed.

If you're using BOTH of them:

  • Any multiple column index (index column with WITH_SECTION flag)
  • Offline index construction

We recommend that you upgrade your Groonga because above bug causes the following unexpected behavior:

  • Hit the records that it does not want to match
  • Don't hit the records that it must be match

To fix the issue, after upgrading Groonga, just re-create indexes. You need not to dump&restore operation in this case.

Sparse file is supported on Windows

In this release, experimentally sparse file is supported.

This feature is disabled by default because it is not widely tested yet.

You can enable it explicitly by specifying GRN_IO_USE_SPARSE=yes environment variable.

It is aimed to reduce database file size which actually occupies on Windows.

It is expected to be improved disk usage by this feature, but there are some concerns about following point of views.

  • Performance (Improved? Degraded? No difference?)
  • Memory usage (Especially virtual memory usage)

If above concerns are solved, this feature is enabled by default on Windows.


See Release 5.0.7 2015-08-31 about detailed changes since 5.0.6.

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