Groonga 13.0.1 has been released

Groonga 13.0.1 has been released!

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Here are important changes in this release:


  • Normalizers Added a new options for NormalizerNFKC*.

    We added the following options. We can use these options in all NormalizerNFKC. Please refer NormalizerNFKC150 about the detail of these options.

    • unify_kana_prolonged_sound_mark
    • unify_kana_hyphen
    • unify_katakana_trailing_o
  • Add support for MessagePack v6.0.0.

    Groonga can not found MessagePack v6.0.0 or later when we execute configure or cmake until now. Groonga can found MessagePack since this release even if the version of MessagePack is v6.0.0 or later.


  • highlight_html Fixed a bug that highlight position may move over when we use loose_symbol=true.

  • Normalizers Fixed a bug that NormalizerNFKC* did incorrect normalization.

    This bug occured when unify_kana_case and unify_katakana_v_sounds used at the same time.

    For example, ヴァ was normalized to バア with unify_kana_case and unify_katakana_v_sounds, but ヴァ should be normalized to .

    This was because ヴァ was normalized to ヴア with unify_kana_case, and after that, ヴア was normalized to バア with unify_katakana_v_sounds. We fixed to normalize characters with unify_katakana_v_sounds before unify_kana_case.

    Here is an example of the bug in the previous version.

    normalize \
    'NormalizerNFKC150("unify_katakana_v_sounds", true, \
                      "unify_kana_case", true)' \
    #  [
    #    0,
    #    1678097412.913053,
    #    0.00019073486328125
    #  ],
    #  {
    #    "normalized":"ブアーチヤル",
    #    "types":[],
    #    "checks":[]
    #  }

    From this version, ヴァーチャル is normalized to バーチヤル.

Known Issues

  • Currently, Groonga has a bug that there is possible that data is corrupt when we execute many additions, delete, and update data to vector column.

  • *< and *> only valid when we use query() the right side of filter condition.

    If we specify as below, *< and *> work as &&.

    • 'content @ "Groonga" *< content @ "Mroonga"'
  • Groonga may not return records that should match caused by GRN_II_CURSOR_SET_MIN_ENABLE.


Please refert to the following news for more details.

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