Groonga 7.0.4 has been released

Groonga 7.0.4 has been released!

How to install: Install


Here are important changes in this release:

  • Supported Debian 9 (stretch)
  • Added grndb log options
  • Improved query performance

Supported Debian 9 (stretch)

In this release, Debian 9 (stretch) has been supported!

Now install documentation is out for Debian 9 (stretch) users.

Added grndb log options

In this release, log options are supported for grndb.

grndb is a tool for maintenance Groonga database. It provides grndb check and grndb recover. But in the previous versions, grndb doesn't support logging options.

Use supported --log-level and --log-path option to save grndb logs.

Improved query performance

In this release, some query performance is improved. Here are some improved patterns.


    • Improved performance by reducing redundant process when accessing column data. Supported operators are ==, !=, <, >, <= and >=.
  • in_records()

    • Improved performance by reducing too many object creation. To avoid such a situation, implementation is switched from mruby to C.


See Release 7.0.4 2017-06-29 about detailed changes since 7.0.3.

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