Groonga 2.0.5 has been released

Groonga 2.0.5 has been released!

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There are four topics for this release.

  • Supported near search by 'column *N "word1 word2 ..."' in script syntax
  • Improved documents
  • Improved groonga-httpd
  • Improved geo_distance to reduce limitations

Supported near search by 'column *N "word1 word2 ..."' in script syntax

groonga has prepared syntax for near search, but it does not work.

The operator does near search with words 'word1 word2 ...'. Near search searches records that contain the words and the words are appeared in the near distance.

The unit of near distance is the number of characters in N-gram family tokenizers and the number of words in morphological analysis family tokenizers. Near distance is always 10 for now.

The syntax for near search is 'column *N "word1 word2 ..."'.

Improved documents

The documentation was updated. We will update the documentation continuously in the future.

groonga has specific syntaxes which specify conditional expressions. It is similar to ECMAScript.

We improved the description about basic ECMAScript related syntaxes, some literals, specific operators for searching and so on.

There are a schema definition and sample data with execution example, you can try examples immediately.

Improved groonga-httpd

There are two points which improved groonga-httpd functionality.

  • groonga-httpd supports to customize base URI prefix
  • groonga-httpd supports multiple databases

First, the functionality of customizing base URI prefix was added to groonga-httpd.

There were the limitation which supports only /d/command?parameter1=value&... request form as well as groonga HTTP server.

This release improves the functionality of customizing base URI prefix by adding groonga_base_path directive.

Now that groonga-httpd accepts not only /d/ prefix request form, but also the others.

So, utilize groonga_base_path, you can customize groonga-httpd to restrict the executable commands which depends authentication.

Here is the example which restricts shutdown command using groonga_base_path

Secondly, groonga-httpd supports multiple database.

There is the limitation that groonga HTTP server can handle only 1 database per process.

This release improves the functionality to be able to handle database per location by using location and groonga_database directive.

Now that groonga-httpd can handle multiple databases as if one data source.

See configuration-directives about directive and setting details.

Improved geo_distance to reduce limitations

Groonga provides built-in functions which calculates the value of distance between two geo graphical points.

And you can select the method of approximation how to approximate the geographical features within square approximation, spherical approximation or ellipsoid approximation.

There are the limitations that geo_distance can not calculate the value of distance across the meridian, the date line or the equator accurately.

This release partially improves the problem if you use square approximation.

For example, if there are points in southern hemisphere, geo_distance returns the accurate value of distance even thought the line connecting the two points accorss the boundary.


See Release 2.0.5 2012/07/29 about detailed changes since 2.0.4.

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