Groonga 11.0.6 has been released

Groonga 11.0.6 has been released!

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Important notice

Groonga 11.0.6 has had a bug that may not add a new entry in Hash table.

We fixed this bug on Groonga 11.0.7. This bug only occurs in Groonga 11.0.6. Therefore, if you were using Groonga 11.0.6, we highly recommended that you use Groonga 11.0.7 or later.


Here are important changes in this release:


  • Added support for recovering on crash. (experimental)

    This is a experimental feature. Currently, this feature is still not stable.

    If Groonga crashes, it recovers the database automatically when it opens a database for the first time since the crash. However, This feature can't recover the database automatically in all crash cases. We need to recover the database manually depending on timing even if this feature enables.

  • cache_limit Groonga remove cache when we execute cache_limit 0.

    Groonga stores query cache to internally table. The maximum total size of keys of this table is 4GiB. Because this table is hash table. Therefore, If we execute many huge queries, Groonga may be unable to store query cache, because the maximum total size of keys may be over 4GiB. In such cases, We can clear the table for query cache by using cache_limit 0, and Groonga can store query cache.


  • Fixed a bug that Groonga doesn't clear lock when some threads open the same object around the same time.

  • query_parallel_or Fixed a bug that result may be different from the query().

    For example, If we used query("tags || tags2", "beginner man"), the following record was a match, but if we used query_parallel_or("tags || tags2", "beginner man"), the following record wasn't a match until now.

      {"_key": "Bob",   "comment": "Hey!",       "tags": ["expert", "man"], "tags2": ["beginner"]}

    Even if we use query_parallel_or("tags || tags2", "beginner man"), the above record is match by this modification.

Known Issues

  • Currently, Groonga has a bug that there is possible that data is corrupt when we execute many additions, delete, and update data to vector column.

  • [The browser based administration tool] Currently, Groonga has a bug that a search query that is inputted to non-administration mode is sent even if we input checks to the checkbox for the administration mode of a record list.

  • *< and *> only valid when we use query() the right side of filter condition. If we specify as below, *< and *> work as &&.

    • 'content @ "Groonga" *< content @ "Mroonga"'
  • Groonga may not return records that should match caused by GRN_II_CURSOR_SET_MIN_ENABLE.


Please refert to the following news for more details.

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