Drop package support for Debian 6.0(squeeze) and Ubuntu 10.04(lucid)

We announce that Groonga Project will drop package support for old releases.

Target environment

Groonga Project decided to drop providing packages for following release.

  • Debian 6.0(squeeze)
  • Ubuntu 10.04(lucid)

End of release

We will drop package support since Groonga 3.1.1 which will be released at Dec 29, 2013.

About migration

Please migrate from Debian 6.0(squeeze) or Ubuntu 10.04(lucid) to Debian 7.0(wheezy) or Ubuntu 12.04(precise).

Note that Debian 6.0(squeeze) is "Old stable".

The reason why we drop package support

Groonga Project provides packages by self hosted the Groonga repository. It is aimed to support easy to install, but it requires users to register the Groonga repository in advance.

We are working on registering Groonga as Debian package so that you don't have to register it.

Such task needs to support Multiarch, but it is not suported on Debian 6.0(squeeze) and Ubuntu 10.04(lucid). This is why we will drop package support on above environment.

If you can't migrate to latest environment, please try to build from source.


We will continue to release latest Groonga every month!

Let's search by Groonga!