PGroonga is supported on Supabase!

Supabase is an open source Firebase alternative that provides all the backend features such as a Postgres database.

Now, PGroonga is happy to announce that it works natively on Supabase!

Until now, PGroonga could not be used in managed service. Supabase let you use PGroonga, a fast full text search for all languages, on a managed PostgreSQL. Supabase has the free basic plan is available to start. For people who couldn't use PGroonga because of PostgreSQL operation cost, it is a great chance to give a try!

There are other plan that has less limitation. Please check Supabase website for more information.

Supabase contacted PGronnga about adding PGroonga to their native extensions because PGroonga would be great option for multi language users.

Supabase values PostgreSQL License and the idea of OSS ecosystem. Supabase make great contributions to OSS by providing services with those OSS licenses such as PostgreSQL Licens, BSD License, and MIT License.

Also Supabase give financial contributions to various OSS including PGroonga via Open Collective, a fundraising + legal status + money management platform.

It is a great thing for our community that OSS contribution leads this cooperation.