2012-12-29, fluent-plugin-groonga 1.0.1 was released. You can use fluent-plugin-groonga to replicate your groonga databases with fluentd .

What's "fluent-plugin-groonga" ?

fluent-plugin-gronga is the fluentd plugin collection. It is implemented by Ruby. Usually, fluentd is used as event log collector, but fluent-plugin-groonga uses fluentd as message router. Fluent-plugin-groonga implements replication for groonga by transfering queries to one or more groonga servers.

Without fluent-plugin-groonga, a groonga client and a groonga server communicate to each other. Fluent-plugin-groonga can send queries from this client to multiple groonga servers or other fluentds. You can replicate your groonga databases with fluent-plugin-groonga between client and servers.

Fluent-plugin-groonga includes two plugins named each "groonga". They are input plugin and output plugin. Next, please see for their details.

Input plugin

Input plugin receives groonga commands sent by a groonga client. These commands ordinary sent to groonga servers. Next, input plugin send these commands to output plugin via zero or more fluentds. If no fluentd exists, commands are sent to output plugin directly.

Input plugin provides two interfaces, HTTP or GQTP (groonga original protocol), to receive groonga commands. These interfaces are compatible of groonga server, so you can use input plugin as same as groonga server.

Output plugin

Output plugin sends groonga commands to groonga servers. This plugin supports all interfaces of groonga (HTTP, GQTP and command). You don't have to use the same interface as one specified to input plugin. Additionally, you can use copy output plugin to duplicate commands.

How to install

To install fluent-plugin-groonga, please run below command only:

% gem install fluent-plugin-groonga

The source code of fluent-plugin-groonga is hosting by GitHub likewise groonga and related projects.


The documents of fluent-plugin-groonga contains examples about replitaion constitution and how to configure . With them, please try to replicate your groonga database with fluent-plugin-groonga! If you have some troubles or features you want, you can notify us with groonga's mailing list (groonga-talk) and pull requests in GitHub.