Groonga 4.0.6 has been released

Groonga 4.0.6 has been released!

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In this release, main changes are small improvements and fixes.

One of new improvements is adding more validations to column_create for creating an index column. In the earlier versions, you may create an incomplete index column. In this release, you can't create an incomplete index column. So you can find a problem as soon as possible.

Here are fixed problems:

  • Token ID is used instead of IDF (Inverted Document Frequency) in similar search.
  • Removing a record for table that _key is indexed by multiple index columns causes a crash.
  • Full-text search by * treated as prefix search by an empty string.

Here are other improvements:

  • Users can specify the number of tokens used in similar search.
  • Groonga supports optimization of range search query such as X > 0 && X <= 100 with mruby enabled build.

For Debian users

We drop jessie and sid support. We provide packages only for wheezy.

For Heroku users

Groonga package for Heroku support MessagePack since this release. So you can use Nroonga on Heroku.


See Release 4.0.6 2014/09/29 about detailed changes since 4.0.5.

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