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PatentField | Free patent search

It uses Groonga + Mroonga combination. It uses Groonga for fulltext search, uses Mroonga for updates columns.

PatentField is free patent information search site. It collected over 45 million patent information Japan and the major worldwide countries. It offers an advanced search service fulltext search, associative search, and patent family and life and death of the rights.

It uses Groonga for fulltext search, drilldown search, near search, snippets and column store. It can narrow intuitively a complicated data by drilldown search. For example, patent classification, applicants, inventors, legal status and etc.

The maximum number of records are 10 million more than. The maximum total size of data is 400GiB more than. Although, It can be high-speed fulltext search.


A new online Japanese/English dictionary

The goal of Honyaku Star is to be the world’s most comprehensive free, online Japanese/English dictionary and corpus. Honyaku Star is built on top of numerous excellent community dictionaries, and adds to it the Honyaku Star dictionary, which tries to fill in everything else that isn’t in those general dictionaries, with the goal to be the best, and only dictionary you need.

Honyaku Star is more than a dictionary, it is also a Japanese/English bilingual corpus. In other words, a database of parallel texts to provide context, usage, and examples of words and phrases you search for. Many words have lots of valid translation varieties, and seeing it used in various different contexts can help you understand the different meanings and pick the appropriate usage. When you search in Honyaku Star, you get dictionary results and example sentences together.

The technology behind Honyaku Star is Linux, PHP, Perl, MySQL, and the awesome full-text index Mroonga. I’ll post more about some of the technical challenges in future posts.



It uses Groonga + Rroonga combination.

It's a CUI tool that support searching commit message accross multiple repositories. The reason why gglog is developped: 'I want to view commit messages across multiple repositories when I can not decide how to write commit message'.

By searching similar changes or commit logs with gglog, you can write a descriptive commit message.


buzztter - Snapshoot the tweets!

It uses Groonga + Rroonga combination for index update. It also uses Groonga + Nroonga combination for fulltext search.

It's a Web service that shows buzz-phrase on Twitter. It uses Groonga for fulltext search.


Chocoka - A news search engine integrated with map -

It uses Groonga + Rroonga combination.

Chocoka is a news search site that is integrated with map. It uses Rroonga for full-text search. There is a data of about 300,000 as of August 2013. Full-text search by Rroonga is very fast.



It uses Rroonga + Mroonga combination.

chikamap is the site for displaying map information and other basic public facilities and transportation with land price history. It's useful when you purchase second-hand housing or land in Japan.

groonga bi-weekly serises introduces use cases - 「I've used groonga with Ruby On Rails in the case of



It uses Groonga + Rroonga combination.

nicoban is the site for real-time search to comments of niconico-live. With Rroonga, nicoban searches comments very sppedy.


nanapi - make your daily life easiler -

It uses Groonga + Mroonga combination.

nanapi is the site that display how to make your life easiler in love, life, web searvices, and so on.

Service for storing Twitter logs

It uses Groonga + Mroonga combination. is the service for storing Twitter logs. There is already similar service Twilog. The advantage of is supporting private account ( permit access to person himself and followers only). The other feature is storing profice icons. You can view the history of profile icons.

Mroonga is used as full text search engine.

LayBrick beta

LayBrick beta, The Art of Social Network

It uses Groonga + Mroonga combination.

LayBrick is personal searchable Twitter, Facebook and Instagram client. What not only I can read each service at the same time, but also can find out necessary information from an intelligence network only for you by an abundant search option features it.

Tweets from Twitter, posts and link descriptions from Facebook, captions from Instagram and so on are stored into database. They can be found by Mroonga's full text search. Mroonga is used in wrapper mode and wrapped storage engine is InnoDB. Mroonga is very fine because it's more flexible rather than Senna + Tritonn.



It uses Groonga + Rroonga combination.

It's a CUI tool that support selection and confirmation of the translation. It uses Groonga for column store and fulltext search.