Groonga 5.1.1 has been released

Groonga 5.1.1 has been released!

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Here are changes in this release. There is no big changes but this release is included some trivial bug fix and improving performance:

  • [script_syntax] Supported INDEX_COLUMN == 'VALUE' syntax to specify an index search that uses an index that supports specific equality comparison.
  • Reduced the continuous same messages from inverted index module.
  • Supported detecting truncated tables by another process.
  • Improved performance for sequential scan search by regular_expression match with constant pattern such as COLUMN @~ CONSTANT_PATTERN.
  • [thread_limit] Fixed a bug that thread_limit?max=1 may not reduce the number of current running threads to 1.
  • [thread_limit] Fixed a bug that thread_limit?max=1 may not return.


See Release 5.1.1 2015-12-29 about detailed changes since 5.1.0.

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