Groonga 10.0.2 has been released

Groonga 10.0.2 has been released!

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Here are important changes in this release:

  • Added support for uvector for time_classify_* functions.

  • select Improve sort performance if sort key that can't refer value with zero-copy is mixed.

  • load Added support for loading weight vector as a JSON string.

  • Data type Added support for Float32 type.

  • Added following APIs

    • grn_obj_unref(grn_ctx *ctx, grn_obj *obj)
    • grn_get_version_major(void)
    • grn_get_version_minor(void)
    • grn_get_version_micro(void)
    • grn_posting_get_record_id(grn_ctx *ctx, grn_posting *posting)
    • grn_posting_get_section_id(grn_ctx *ctx, grn_posting *posting)
    • grn_posting_get_position(grn_ctx *ctx, grn_posting *posting)
    • grn_posting_get_tf(grn_ctx *ctx, grn_posting *posting)
    • grn_posting_get_weight(grn_ctx *ctx, grn_posting *posting)
    • grn_posting_get_weight_float(grn_ctx *ctx, grn_posting *posting)
    • grn_posting_get_rest(grn_ctx *ctx, grn_posting *posting)
  • Fixed a bug that Groonga for 32bit on GNU/Linux may crash.

  • Fixed a bug that unrelated column value may be cleared.

  • dump Fixed a memory leak when we dumped records with dump command.

  • select Fixed a memory leak when we specified invalid value into output_columns.

  • Fixed a memory leak when we executed snippet function.

  • Fixed a memory leak when we filled the below conditions.

    • If we used dynamic columns on the initial stage.
    • If we used slices argument with select command.
  • logical_table_remove Fixed a memory leak when we deleted tables with logical_table_remove.

  • Fixed a memory leak when we use the reference count mode.

  • Fixed a bug that Groonga too much unlink _key accessor when we load data for apache arrow format.


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