Groonga 9.0.9 has been released

Groonga 9.0.9 has been released!

How to install: Install


Maybe performance decreases from this version. Therefore, If performance decreases than before, please report us with reproducible steps.


Here are important changes in this release:

  • log Improved that output the sending time of response into query-log.

  • status Added that the number of current jobs in the status command response.

  • groonga-httpd Added support for $request_time in log.

    • In the previous version, even if we specified the $request_time in the log_format directive, it was always 0.00.
    • If we specify the $request_time, groonga-httpd output the correct time form this version.
  • groonga-httpd Added how to set the $request_time in the document.

  • Supported Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine)

  • Supported CentOS 8 (experimental)

    • The package for CentOS 8 can't use a part of features(e.g. we can't use TokenMecab and can't cast to int32 vector from JSON string) for lacking some packages for development.
  • [tools] Added a script for executeing the index_column_diff command simply.

    • This script name is
    • This script extracts index columns form Groonga's database and execute the index_column_diff command to them.
  • [tools] Added a script for executing object_inspect against all objects.

    • This script name is
  • Fixed a bug that Groonga crash when we specify the value as the first argument of between.

Fixed a bug that Groonga crash when we specify the value as the first argument of between.

Groonga had been crashed as below case.

table_create Users TABLE_HASH_KEY ShortText
# [[0, 1337566253.89858, 0.000355720520019531], true]
column_create Users age COLUMN_SCALAR Int32
# [[0, 1337566253.89858, 0.000355720520019531], true]
table_create Ages TABLE_HASH_KEY Int32
# [[0, 1337566253.89858, 0.000355720520019531], true]
column_create Ages user_age COLUMN_INDEX Users age
# [[0, 1337566253.89858, 0.000355720520019531], true]
load --table Users
{"_key": "Alice",  "age": 12},
{"_key": "Bob",    "age": 13},
{"_key": "Calros", "age": 15},
{"_key": "Dave",   "age": 16},
{"_key": "Eric",   "age": 20},
{"_key": "Frank",  "age": 21}
# [[0, 1337566253.89858, 0.000355720520019531], 6]

select Users --filter 'between(14, 13, "include", 16, "include")'


See Release 9.0.9 2019-10-30 about detailed changes since 9.0.8

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