Groonga 7.0.9 has been released

Groonga 7.0.9 has been released!

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Here are important changes in this release:

More than 126 arguments has been supported in in_values function

In the previous version, there is a limitation about the max number of arguments in in_values.

This fact disturbs you to simplify the query by in_values which uses too many OR and == in a query.

In this release, this limitation about the max number of arguments is removed.

Dynamic columns has been supported for logical_range_filter and logical_count

Not only select and logical_select commands, but also logical_range_filter and logical_count command, dynamic columns has been supported.

logical_range_filter command is fast in contrast to logical_select command if many records are matched and requested records are small enough.


See Release 7.0.9 2017-11-29 about detailed changes since 7.0.8

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