Sticker data have been published

The groonga project publishes sticker data for groonga and groonga related projects such as mroonga .

  • groonga sticker - black
  • groonga sticker - white
  • mroonga sticker - black
  • mroonga sticker - white
  • rroonga sticker - black
  • rroonga sticker - white
  • nroonga sticker - black
  • nroonga sticker - white

If you are using groonga and/or groonga related projects, please download and print them and stick the printed sticker to your note PC!

Those stickers can be used under the CC-BY 3.0 license . There is an exception of the license. If you distribute printed stickers, you don't need to attribute the author. You can print downloaded stickers as is and distribute them without attributing the author. Please print and distribute groonga stickers for your friends!

Go to the sticker download page!