Groonga 9.0.8 has been released

Groonga 9.0.8 has been released!

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Here are important changes in this release:

  • Improved that Groonga ignores the index being built.

    • We can get correct search results even if the index is under construction.
    • However, the search is slow because of Groonga out of use the index to search in this case.
    • Even in cases where we couldn't get search results until now, we may get ones in this improvement.
  • sub_filter Added a feature that sub_filter executes a sequential search when Groonga is building indexes for the target column or the target column hasn't indexed.

    • If the valid index doesn't exist, sub_filter was an error until now.
    • Even if the valid index doesn't exist, it returns results by this improvement.
    • However if the above situation, sub_filter is slow. Because it is executed as a sequential search.
  • logical_range_filter Fixed a bug that exception about closing the same object twice occurs when we have enough records and the number of records that unmatch filter search criteria is more than the estimated value of it.


See Release 9.0.8 2019-09-27 about detailed changes since 9.0.7

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