Groonga 5.1.0 has been released

Groonga 5.1.0 has been released!

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Here are changes in this release:

reindex command

When Groonga crashes in lack of memory or disk full, there is a case that Groonga database also breaks. If broken parts are only limited to indexes, you can recover Groonga database by re-creating index again.

In the previous versions, you need to execute two operations - delete & create indexes with same parameters. In this release, reindex command does same operations at once.

There is a another tool to recover Groonga database - grndb. It provides a functionality to check broken database, a equivalent one to reindex command, and more.

Improved performance of groonga-httpd

groonga-httpd is a Groonga HTTP server which is based on nginx. groonga executable is also provides builtin HTTP server functionality, but it provides very limited features.

See HTTP server comparison about difference of groonga executable and groonga-httpd.

In this release, internal process of groonga-httpd is optimized, as a result, performance is improved.

Try this one, if you are not satisfied with previous version of groonga-httpd.

Added prefix_rk_search() function

Groonga provides specific functionality for Japanese. Prefix RK search is one of them. (RK means Romaji and Katakana)

This feature is used to suggest proper completion.

In this release, prefix_rk_search() function is added, and you can use this function in select command.

Support pretty print of JSON

Groonga returns search result as JSON format by default. It is not human readable as you can see.

> status

It is convenient for machine, but not for human. In this release, if you specify --output_pretty yes, Groonga supports Pretty Print.

Here is the example about this feature.

> status --output_pretty yes
    "alloc_count": 233,
    "starttime": 1448344437,
    "start_time": 1448344437,
    "uptime": 1,
    "version": "5.0.9-135-g0763d91",
    "n_queries": 0,
    "cache_hit_rate": 0.0,
    "command_version": 1,
    "default_command_version": 1,
    "max_command_version": 2


See Release 5.1.0 2015-11-29 about detailed changes since 5.0.9.

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