Groonga 3.1.0 has been released

Groonga 3.1.0 has been released!

How to install: Install

There are three topics in this release.

Supported an option to skip updating for the same value

Groonga now supports option to skip updating for the same value. This feature is enabled by setting GRN_JA_SKIP_SAME_VALUE_PUT=yes as environment variable.

If you install Groonga as deb or rpm packages, you can customize default configuration file.


Here are the list of configuration files.

Debian or Ubuntu:


CentOS or Fedora:


Groonga inevitable to increase the size of database by updating column of variable length in long term.

By setting this environment variable, Groonga doesn't update column of variable length if the same value is given.

This option is disabled in the default because this feature is not stabilized yet. There is a case that the size of database increases conversely.


See Release 3.1.0 2013/11/29 about detailed changes since 3.0.9.

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