Groonga 9.1.0 has been released

Groonga 9.1.0 has been released!

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Here are important changes in this release:

  • Improved the performance of the "&&" operation.

    • For example, the performance of condition expression such as the following is increased.

    • ( A || B ) && ( C || D ) && ( E || F) ...

    • This optimization has an effect especially when a condition that hits many records and it that hits few records are mixing.

  • TokenMecab Added a new option use_base_form.

    • We can search using the base form of a token by this option.

    • For example, if we search "支える" using this option, "支えた" is hit also.

  • Fix a bug that when the accessor is index, performance decreases.

    • For example, it occurs with the query include the following conditions.

      • sccessor @ query

      • accessor == query

  • Fixed a bug the estimated size of a search result was overflow when the buffer is big enough.

  • Added missing tools.

    • Because and had not bundled in before version.


See Release 9.1.0 2019-11-29 about detailed changes since 9.0.9

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