Rroonga 12.0.8 has been released

Rroonga 12.0.8 has been released.

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Rroonga is the Ruby bindings for Groonga that is a fast flexible fulltext search engine and column store.

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Here are changes since 12.0.8:

  • Added support for creating a Groonga::PatriciaTrie without database

    Normally, we can create a patriciatrie table as below.

      Groonga::PatriciaTrie.create(:key_type => "ShortText")

    Groonga::PatriciaTrie.create() also create Groonga's database internally in the avobe way.

    We can create a patriciatrie table without Groonga's database since this release. Therefore, we can reduce create time for the patriciatrie table.

    A patriciatrie table does not only search but also execute string operations like Groonga::PatriciaTrie#scan. However, if we want to only execute string operations, a creation Groonga's database takes time and effort.

    We can create a patriciatrie table without Groonga's database as below.

      Groonga::PatriciaTrie.create(context: context,
                                   key_size: 4096,
                                   key_variable_size: true)

    Note: We need to specify :key_size if your context isn't associated with a database. You may want to specify :key_variable_size and :value_size too.

    We can't use normalizer, tokenizer and token filters without database. Auto patricia trie close on context close doesn't work without database. We must close the created patricia trie explicitly.

We dropped support to the package for Windows include built Groonga and Rroonga from 10.0.1. However, how to install doesn't change.

About the merit of dropping support of fat gem, please refer to the following document.

Rroonga will become to installs Groonga package for the MSYS2 automatically when installs since this version.


You can install Rroonga by just "gem install". (If you don't have Groonga, Rroonga installs it automatically.)

  gem install rroonga


We recommend that you play tutorial after you install Rroonga. It helps you to understand how to use Rroonga.