Groonga 2.0.3 has been released

Groonga 2.0.3 has been released!

How to install: Install

This release fixes several bugs.

We recommend upgrading to groonga 2.0.3 to users who are matched the following cases:

  • Using &! operator in --filter argument of select command. (&! operator is undocumented, so we guess there are few people affected)
  • Updating data of the following schema by rroonga:
    • There is a table that has KEY_NORMALIZE flag.
    • There is a vector column whose type is the table.
    • There is an index for the vector column.

See the following URL for details. example: rroonga / test / test-table.rb

There are two topics for this release:

  • Improved documents
  • Improved build process (CMake support)

Improved documents

The documentation was updated. We will update the documentation continuously in the future.

First, we improved the excecution example format in the documentation.

The old format was "prompt + command" and "execution results" as follows:

> status
[[...], ...]

Now, we changed to use "command" and "commented out execution results" as follows:

# [[...], ...]

Because of this change, execution examples become copy & paste friendly! (groonga just ignores lines that start with "#")

Next, we added more description about the select command.

The select command is one of the important commands which groonga provides.

We will improve the documentation about the command.

See the select command for details.

Improved build process (CMake support)

The groonga project supported building groonga by Visual Studio 2010 Express with CMake.

Now, you can build groonga from source on windows environment easily.

See the document about Windows:Build from source for details.

Until this release we only support MinGW to build groonga for Windows.

This release improved CMake support, so you can build Windows executables with Visual Studio 2010 Express.

The groonga project officially provide configure + MinGW cross compiled binary as before.

If you need a binary built with Visual Studio, see the documentation and build by yourself. (hint: the third party library was build by Visual Studio)

The groonga project provides not only tar.gz but also zip archive.

We recommend to use a zip archive for building from source on Windows environment.

Also, we added a document for building in Oracle Solaris 11. Please see the document about Install:Oracle Solaris for details.

Note that the groonga project does not provide packages for Oracle Solaris, you need to build groonga in this distribution.


See Release 2.0.3 - 2012/05/29 about detailed changes since 2.0.2.

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