PGroonga (fast full text search module for PostgreSQL) 1.2.0 has been released

PGroonga (píːzí:lúnɡά) (fast full text search module for PostgreSQL) 1.2.0 has been released!

See PGroonga 1.0.0 release announce about PGroonga.


Here are highlights of this release:

  • Improve replication

  • Support token filters and plugins

  • Add auto PGroonga index recovery

  • Prepare for painless 2.0.0 upgrade

Improve replication

This release improves replication related features.

PGroonga supports replication for column that has NULL.

PGroonga adds a data synchronization point. PGroonga synchronizes replication data on not only SELECT but also INSERT.

Ubuntu 17.04 and CentOS 6 packages are replication ready.

See the official replication document for details.

Support token filters and plugins

You can specify token filters and plugins on creating a PGroonga index by CREATE INDEX USING pgroonga. You can use token_filters and plugins options for them.

You can tune full text search precision with this changes. For example, you can use a stemming token filter for English text. See the above documents for details.

Add auto PGroonga index recovery

PGroonga index may be broken when you force to kill PostgreSQL.

You can check PGroonga indexes and recover broken PGroonga indexes on startup by pgroonga_check module. If you may force to kill PostgreSQL, you may need to consider this module.

Prepare for painless 2.0.0 upgrade

PGroonga 2.0.0 will provide more flexible search features. But it will introduce incompatible changes.

If there are incompatibilities, upgrade will be painful. So we want to reduce the pain as much as possible.

Since this release, we start to backport 2.0.0 API to 1.x. With the work, you can use 2.0.0 API with 1.x. It means that you can migrate your application step by step.

In this release, the following 2.0.0 operators are backported:

You should use &@ and &? for newly written codes. If you use them, your codes will work with 2.0.0 as well. %% and @@ are deprecated.

2.0.0 will be released soon. We will provide 1.x compatible operators in 2.0.0 for painless upgrade.

How to upgrade

This version is compatible with 1.0 or later. You can upgrade by steps in "Compatible case" in Upgrade document.


New PGroonga version has been released.

See also release note for all changes.

Try PGroonga when you want to perform fast full text search against all languages on PostgreSQL!