Groonga 8.0.8 has been released

Groonga 8.0.8 has been released!

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Here are important changes in this release:

  • New options for the TokenMecab tokenizer.
  • Supported locking of a database during a io_flush.

New options for the TokenMecab tokenizer

TokenMecab now accepts target_class option:

target_class option searches a token of specifying a part-of-speech. This option can also specify subclasses and exclude or add specific part-of-speech of specific using + or -.

  • + adds part-of-speech of a search target.
    • If you specify only + or ``, search taget are all tokens.
  • - excludes part-of-speech from a search target.

For example, you can search all tokens exclude a pronoun as below.

'TokenMecab("target_class", "-名詞/代名詞", "target_class", "+")'

Supported locking of a database during a io_flush

The feature added to fix a bug that the Groonga is a crash when deleted a table of a target of a io_flush during execution of a io_flush. io_flush locks Groonga database while flushing. So, you can’t run the following commands while io_flush

  • column_create
  • column_remove
  • column_rename
  • logical_table_remove
  • object_remove
  • plugin_register
  • plugin_unregister
  • table_create
  • table_remove
  • table_rename


See Release 8.0.8 2018-10-29 about detailed changes since 8.0.7

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