7.1.9. groonga-suggest-learner# 概要#

groonga-suggest-learner is a program to learn suggest result from data which derived from groonga-suggest-httpd. Usually, it is used with groonga-suggest-httpd, but It is allowed to launch standalone. In such a case, groonga-suggest-learner loads data from log directory. 書式#

groonga-suggest-learner [options] database_path 使い方#

groonga-suggest-leaner supports the two way of learning data. One is learning data from groonga-suggest-httpd, the other is learning data from already existing log files. Learning data from groonga-suggest-httpd#

Execute groonga-suggest-learner.:

groonga-suggest-learner testdb/db Learning data from log files#

Execute groonga-suggest-learner with -l option.

Here is the sample to load log data under logs directory:

groonga-suggest-learner -l logs testdb/db オプション#

-r <endpoint>, --receive-endpoint <endpoint>#

Uses <endpoint> as the receiver endpoint.

-s <endpoint>, --send-endpoint <endpoint>#

Uses <endpoint> as the sender endpoint.

-d, --daemon#

Runs as a daemon.

-l <directory>, --log-base-path <directory>#

Reads logs from <directory>.

--log-path <path>#

Outputs log to <path>.

--log-level <level>#

Uses <level> for log level. <level> must be between 1 and 9. Larger level outputs more logs. 引数#

必須の引数は1つです。 database_path#