NormalizerNFKC51# Summary#

NormalizerNFKC51 normalizes texts by Unicode NFKC (Normalization Form Compatibility Composition) for Unicode version 5.1. It supports only UTF-8 encoding.

Normally you don’t need to use NormalizerNFKC51 explicitly. You can use NormalizerAuto instead. Syntax#

NormalizerNFKC51 hasn’t parameter:

NormalizerNFKC51 Usage#

Here is an example that uses NormalizerNFKC51 normalizer:

Execution example:

table_create NFKC51Lexicon TABLE_HASH_KEY ShortText --normalizer NormalizerNFKC51
# [[0,1337566253.89858,0.000355720520019531],true]