7.3.32. log_reopen# Summary#

log_reopen is a command that reloads log files.

It is used to reload log files such as groonga log or query log which are specified by --log-path or --query-log-path options.


This command only works when the number of worker processes is equal to 1. Thus, it means that if you use groonga-httpd with 2 or more workers, you must use groonga-httpd -s reopen instead. Syntax#

This command takes no parameters:

log_reopen Usage#


[true] Lotate log files with log_reopen#

  1. Rename target log files such as mv command. (Log content is still written into moved log files)

  2. Execute log_reopen command.

  3. New log file is created as same as existing log file name. newer log content is written to new log file. Parameters#

There is no required parameter. Return value#

The command returns true as body if the command succeeds such as:

[HEADER, true]

The command returns false otherwise such as:

[HEADER, false] See also#

log_level log_put