7.3.46. plugin_unregister#


This command is an experimental feature.

New in version 5.0.1. Summary#

plugin_unregister command unregisters a plugin. Syntax#

This command takes only one required parameter:

plugin_unregister name Usage#

Here is a sample that unregisters QueryExpanderTSV query expander that is included in ${PREFIX}/lib/groonga/plugins/query_expanders/tsv.so.

Execution example:

plugin_unregister query_expanders/tsv
# [[0,1337566253.89858,0.000355720520019531],true]

You can omit ${PREFIX}/lib/groonga/plugins/ and suffix (.so). They are completed automatically.

You can specify absolute path such as plugin_unregister /usr/lib/groonga/plugins/query_expanders/tsv.so. Return value#

plugin_unregister returns true as body on success such as:

[HEADER, true]

If plugin_unregister fails, error details are in HEADER.

See Output format for HEADER. See also#