7.18. Configuration#

New in version 5.1.2.

Groonga can manage configuration items in each database. These configuration items are persistent. It means that these configuration items are usable after a Groonga process exits.

7.18.1. Summary#

You can change some Groonga behaviors such as 検索 by some ways such as request parameter (match_escalation_threshold) and build parameter (--with-match-escalation-threshold=NUMBER).

Configuration is one of these ways. You can change some Groonga behaviors per database by configuration.

A configuration item consists of key and value. Both of key and value are string. The max key size is 4KiB. The max value size is 4091B (= 4KiB - 5B).

You can set a configuration item by config_set.

You can get a configuration item by config_get.

You can delete a configuration item by config_delete.

You can confirm all configuration items by dump.

7.18.2. Commands#