7.3.17. config_set Summary

New in version 5.1.2.

config_set command sets a value to the specified configuration item. Syntax

This command takes two required parameters:

config_set key value Usage

Here is an example to set a value to alias.column configuration item and confirm the set value:

Execution example:

config_set alias.column Aliases.real_name
# [[0, 1337566253.89858, 0.000355720520019531], true]
config_get alias.column
# [[0, 1337566253.89858, 0.000355720520019531], "Aliases.real_name"] Parameters

This section describes all parameters. Required parameters

There are required parameters. key

Specifies the key of target configuration item.

The max key size is 4KiB.

You can’t use an empty string as key. value

Specifies the value of the target configuration item specified by key.

The max value size is 4091B (= 4KiB - 5B). Optional parameters

There is no optional parameter. Return value

config_set command returns whether setting a configuration item value is succeeded or not:


If command succeeded, it returns true, otherwise it returns false on error. See also