7.3.55. ruby_eval# Summary#

ruby_eval command evaluates Ruby script and returns the result. Syntax#

This command takes only one required parameter:

ruby_eval script Usage#

You can execute any scripts which mruby supports by calling ruby_eval.

Here is an example that just calculate 1 + 2 as Ruby script.

Execution example:

plugin_register ruby/eval
# [[0,1337566253.89858,0.000355720520019531],true]
ruby_eval "1 + 2"
# [[0,1337566253.89858,0.000355720520019531],{"value":3}]

Register ruby/eval plugin to use ruby_eval command in advance.

Note that ruby_eval is implemented as an experimental plugin, and the specification may be changed in the future. Parameters#

This section describes all parameters. script#

Specifies the Ruby script which you want to evaluate. Return value#

ruby_eval returns the evaluated result with metadata such as exception information (Including metadata isn’t implemented yet):



See Output format about HEADER.


EVALUATED_VALUE is the evaluated value of ruby_script.

ruby_eval supports only a number for evaluated value for now. Supported types will be increased in the future. See also#