7.3.54. ruby_eval Summary

ruby_eval command evaluates Ruby script and returns the result. Syntax

This command takes only one required parameter:

ruby_eval script Usage

You can execute any scripts which mruby supports by calling ruby_eval.

Here is an example that just calculate 1 + 2 as Ruby script.

Execution example:

plugin_register ruby/eval
# [[0, 1337566253.89858, 0.000355720520019531], true]
ruby_eval "1 + 2"
# [[0, 1337566253.89858, 0.000355720520019531], {"value": 3}]

Register ruby/eval plugin to use ruby_eval command in advance.

Note that ruby_eval is implemented as an experimental plugin, and the specification may be changed in the future. Parameters

This section describes all parameters. script

Specifies the Ruby script which you want to evaluate. Return value

ruby_eval returns the evaluated result with metadata such as exception information (Including metadata isn’t implemented yet):



See Output format about HEADER.


EVALUATED_VALUE is the evaluated value of ruby_script.

ruby_eval supports only a number for evaluated value for now. Supported types will be increased in the future. See also