7.3.52. register#

Deprecated since version 5.0.1: Use plugin_register instead. Summary#

register command registers a plugin. You need to register a plugin before you use a plugin.

You need just one register command for a plugin in the same database because registered plugin information is written into the database. When you restart your groonga process, groonga process loads all registered plugins without register command.


Registered plugins can be removed since Groonga 5.0.1. Use plugin_unregister in such a case. Syntax#

This command takes only one required parameter:

register path Usage#

Here is a sample that registers QueryExpanderTSV query expander that is included in ${PREFIX}/lib/groonga/plugins/query_expanders/tsv.so.

Execution example:

register query_expanders/tsv
# [[0,1337566253.89858,0.000355720520019531],true]

You can omit ${PREFIX}/lib/groonga/plugins/ and suffix (.so). They are completed automatically.

You can specify absolute path such as register /usr/lib/groonga/plugins/query_expanders/tsv.so. Return value#

register returns true as body on success such as:

[HEADER, true]

If register fails, error details are in HEADER.

See Output format for HEADER. See also#