7.25.2. Global configurations# Summary#

Groonga has the global configurations. You can access them by API. Reference#

int grn_get_lock_timeout(void)#

Returns the lock timeout.

grn_ctx acquires a lock for updating a shared value. If other grn_ctx is already updating the same value, grn_ctx that try to acquire a lock can’t acquires a lock. The grn_ctx that can’t acquires a lock waits 1 millisecond and try to acquire a lock again. The try is done timeout times. If the grn_ctx that can’t acquires a lock until timeout times, the tries are failed.

The default lock timeout is 10000000. It means that Groonga doesn’t report a lock failure until about 3 hours. (1 * 10000000 [msec] = 10000 [sec] = 166.666… [min] = 2.777… [hour])


The lock timeout.

grn_rc grn_set_lock_timeout(int timeout)#

Sets the lock timeout.

See grn_get_lock_timeout() about lock timeout.

There are some special values for timeout.

  • 0: It means that Groonga doesn’t retry acquiring a lock. Groonga reports a failure after one lock acquirement failure.

  • negative value: It means that Groonga retries acquiring a lock until Groonga can acquire a lock.

  • timeout – The new lock timeout.


GRN_SUCCESS. It doesn’t fail.