NormalizerAuto Summary

Normally you should use NormalizerAuto normalizer. NormalizerAuto was the normalizer for Groonga 2.0.9 or earlier. KEY_NORMALIZE flag in table_create on Groonga 2.0.9 or earlier equals to --normalizer NormalizerAuto option in table_create on Groonga 2.1.0 or later.

NormalizerAuto supports all encoding. It uses Unicode NFKC (Normalization Form Compatibility Composition) for UTF-8 encoding text. It uses encoding specific original normalization for other encodings. The results of those original normalization are similar to NFKC. Syntax

NormalizerAuto hasn’t parameter:

NormalizerAuto Usage

NormalizerAuto normalizes half-width katakana (such as U+FF76 HALFWIDTH KATAKANA LETTER KA) + half-width katakana voiced sound mark (U+FF9E HALFWIDTH KATAKANA VOICED SOUND MARK) to full-width katakana with voiced sound mark (U+30AC KATAKANA LETTER GA). The former is two characters but the latter is one character.

Here is an example that uses NormalizerAuto normalizer:

Execution example:

normalize NormalizerAuto "ガ"
# [
#   [
#     0,
#     1547239424.874337,
#     0.0001468658447265625
#   ],
#   {
#     "normalized": "ガ",
#     "types": [
#     ],
#     "checks": [
#     ]
#   }
# ] See also