7.3.37. normalize


This command is an experimental feature.

This command may be changed in the future. Summary

normalize command normalizes text by the specified normalizer.

There is no need to create table to use normalize command. It is useful for you to check the results of normalizer. Syntax

This command takes three parameters.

normalizer and string are required. Others are optional:

normalize normalizer
          [flags=NONE] Usage

Here is a simple example of normalize command.

Execution example:

normalize NormalizerAuto "aBcDe 123"
# [
#   [
#     0,
#     1337566253.89858,
#     0.000355720520019531
#   ],
#   {
#     "normalized": "abcde 123",
#     "types": [],
#     "checks": []
#   }
# ] Parameters

This section describes parameters of normalizer. Required parameters

There are required parameters, normalizer and string. normalizer

Specifies the normalizer name. normalize command uses the normalizer that is named normalizer.

See Normalizers about built-in normalizers.

Here is an example to use built-in NormalizerAuto normalizer.


If you want to use other normalizers, you need to register additional normalizer plugin by register command. For example, you can use MySQL compatible normalizer by registering groonga-normalizer-mysql. string

Specifies any string which you want to normalize.

If you want to include spaces in string, you need to quote string by single quotation (') or double quotation (").

Here is an example to use spaces in string.

TODO Optional parameters

There are optional parameters. flags

Specifies a normalization customize options. You can specify multiple options separated by “|”. For example, REMOVE_BLANK|WITH_TYPES.

Here are available flags.

Flag Description
NONE Just ignored.

Here is an example that uses REMOVE_BLANK.


Here is an example that uses WITH_TYPES.


Here is an example that uses REMOVE_TOKENIZED_DELIMITER.

TODO Return value

[HEADER, normalized_text]


See Output format about HEADER.


normalized_text is an object that has the following attributes.

Name Description
normalized The normalized text.
types An array of types of the normalized text. The N-th types shows the type of the N-th character in normalized. See also