11.1. Travis CI#

This section describes how to use Groonga on Travis CI. Travis CI is a hosted continuous integration service for the open source community.

You can use Travis CI for your open source software. This section only describes about Groonga related configuration. See Travis CI: Documentation about general Travis CI configuration.

11.1.1. Configuration#

Travis CI is running on 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server Edition. (See Travis CI: About Travis CI Environment.) You can use apt-line for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS provided by Groonga project to install Groonga on Travis CI.

You can custom build lifecycle by .travis.yml. (See Travis CI: Conifugration your Travis CI build with .travis.yml.) You can use before_install hook or install hook. You should use before_install if your software uses a language that is supported by Travis CI such as Ruby. You should use install otherwise.

Add the following sudo and before_install configuration to .travis.yml:

sudo: required
  - curl --silent --location https://raw.githubusercontent.com/groonga/groonga/HEAD/data/travis/setup.sh | sh

sudo: required configuration is required because sudo command is used in the setup script.

If you need to use install hook instead of before_install, you just have to replace before_install: with install:.

With the above configuration, you can use Groonga for your build.

11.1.2. Examples#

Here are open source software that use Groonga on Travis CI: