News - 3.x

Release 3.1.2 - 2014-01-29


  • [doc] Updated to caplitalized “Groonga” terms in documentation. [Patch by cosmo0920] [GitHub#136, #137, #138, #139, #140, #141, #142, #143, #144, #145, #146, #147, #148, #149, #150, #151]

  • Supported to customize the value of lock timeout. See Global configurations about details. [groonga-dev,02017] [Suggested by yoku]

  • [doc] Added description about the value of lock timeout.

  • Enabled GRN_JA_SKIP_SAME_VALUE_PUT by default. In the previous releases, the value of this configuration is ‘no’. This change affects reducing the size of Groonga database.

  • Supported multiple indexes including a nested index and multiple keywords query. This change improves missing search results isssue when narrowing down by multiple keywords query.

  • Added API to customize normalizer for snippet.


  • Fixed not to use index for empty query. This change enables you to search even though empty query. Note that this means that there is performance penalty if many empty records exist. [groonga-dev,02052] [Reported by Naoya Murakami]

  • Fixed the behaviour about return value of “X || Y” and “X && Y” for adjusting to ECMAScript. In “X || Y” case, if either X or Y satisfy the condition, it returns X itself or Y itself instead of 1 or 0.

  • In “X && Y” case, if X and Y satisfy the condition, it returns X itself instead of 1. if X doesn’t satisfy the condition, it returns false instead of 0.

  • Fixed to return null when no snippet is found. This change enables you to set the default value of snippet_html. In such a purpose, use “snippet_html(XXX) || ‘default value’”.


  • cosmo0920

  • yoku

  • Naoya Murakami

Release 3.1.1 - 2013-12-29


  • [deb] Refined Groonga packages for Debian policy. [groonga-dev,01930] [Suggested by Hideki Yamane]

  • [deb] Dropped Debian 6.0 (squeeze) support.

  • [deb] Dropped Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid) support.

  • Supported geo_in_rectangle in the whole world.

  • Supported error report when failed to casting invalid value of geo point type.

  • Exported some macros which is used for accessing pseudo column names. [groonga-dev,1999] [Suggested by whombx]

  • [doc] Refined drilldown documentation. [Reported by @Yahppo]

  • Supported between function which is used for filtering the column value in specific range.

  • [doc] Updated Travis CI environment information. [Patch by cosmo0920]

  • [rpm][fedora] Dropped Fedora 19.

  • [rpm][fedora] Supported Fedora 20.

  • [doc] Updated “Groonga” notation. [Patch by cosmo0920] [GitHub#122, #123, #124, #125, #125, #126, #127, #128, #129, #130, #131, #131, #132, #133, #134]


  • [munin] Fixed the wrong port number which is specified for GQTP.

  • [geo_in_circle] Fixed a bug that if you specify “LONGITUDExLATITUDE” as the 3rd argument of geo_in_circle, Groonga crashes.


  • Hideki Yamane

  • whombx

  • @Yappo

  • cosmo0920

Release 3.1.0 - 2013-11-29


  • [experimental] Supported an option to skip updating for the same value. It is enabled by setting GRN_JA_SKIP_SAME_VALUE_PUT=yes as environment variable.

  • Improved to show tokenizer and original text in empty token warning message. It shows actual token, so it helps you to investigate token related issue.

  • Dropped broken AIO support. [#2054] [Reported by sho MINAGAWA]

  • [windows] Supported build with Visual Studio Express 2008. [#1964 the 21th comment] It is aimed to promote bundling Mroonga with MariaDB in the future.


  • Fixed a bug that type of “_value” column is treated as Int32. It causes the case that the value of “_value” column is casted unexpectedly. [Reported by Genki Takiuchi]

  • Fixed to require GLib 2.14.0 or later for benchmark program. The benchmark program is changed to use GRegex which requires GLib 2.14.0 or later. It affects users who compile Groonga with ‘–enable-benchmark’ configuration. [groonga-dev,01890] [Reported by WING]

  • Fixed a memory leak on updating an empty column vector with the same value.

  • Fixed a memory leak on updating index for column vector. It affects the case if you store the value of column which has invalid UTF-8 byte sequence.

  • [plugin][windows] Fixed the issue that register command fails without ‘lib/groonga/plugins’. [Reported by @yito]


  • sho MINAGAWA

  • Genki Takiuchi

  • WING

  • @yito

Release 3.0.9 - 2013-10-29


  • [doc][httpd] Added documentation about groonga_database_auto_create directive.

  • [httpd] Added groonga_cache_limit directive.

  • [doc] Added description why zlib/lzo compression are disabled by default. [groonga-dev, 01845] [Suggested by Naoya Murakami]

  • Remove a restriction related to RLIMIT_NOFILE on HTTP server. It enables HTTP server process to handle over 4096 files.

  • [experimental] Added some API to integrate mruby into groonga. [GitHub#109, #110, #111, #112, #113, #114, #115, #116, #117, #118] [Patch by wanabe]

  • [travis] Supported CMake build on Travis-CI.

  • [doc] Added documentation about Tuning.

  • [experimental] Added “ruby_load” command.

  • [httpd] Supported multiple buffered body of POST request. The load command caused timeout in such a case. [GitHub #120] [Patch by Motoi Washida]

  • [gqtp] Supported error message. The body is changed to return raw text insted of double quoted text. This is incompatible changes.

  • [http] Supported “400 Bad request” for invalid argument error.

  • [doc] Added examples for Completion

  • Supported Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander).


  • Fixed a bug that it cause SEGV by arithmetic overflow. This problem occurs when the size of indexes exceeds the size of virtual memory. [groonga-dev,01661] [Reported by Naoya Murakami]

  • Fixed needless lock for creating table. This change fixes a performance regression instroduced at Groonga 3.0.5.

  • Fixed a bug that database which has reference column can’t be removed. It affects the case that indexed tables/columns and referenced tables are removed at first, then remove operation to index columns and reference columns fails. [Reported by Eito Katagiri] [GitHub Rroonga #13]

  • Fixed a bug that removing database which uses DAT key may remain garbage.

  • [http] Fixed a small memory leak which is caused by shared HTTP header buffer in the same worker thread.

  • [httpd] Fixed a bug that groonga_database_auto_create parameter isn’t inherited. It means that these parameters are just ignored in non location blocks.

  • Fixed a bug that status command may returns invalid cache hit rate.

  • Fix a bug that casting to Time may causes overflow issue. It affects the case that assignment of the Time value which indicate over 32bit value.


  • Naoya Murakami

  • wanabe

  • Motoi Washida

  • Eito Katagiri

Release 3.0.8 - 2013-09-29


  • [admin] Improved error handling of select functionality. This change shows error message and hides loading dialog. [Patch by orangain]

  • [admin] Improved to submit search form with the enter key. [Patch by orangain]

  • [admin] Improved to show placeholder in search form. This change shows usage examples. [Patch by orangain]

  • [httpd] Supported groonga_query_log_path directive

  • [doc] Updated select documentation about the number of hits in select response.

  • Improved to ignore an empty token which is generated by continuous spaces from tokenizer. [groonga-dev,01729] [Suggested by Naoya Murakami]

  • [token delimit] Improved to treat continuous spaces as a space. The tokenizer regards 2 or more spaces are valid input.

  • [doc] Added note about indexes for each column vs indexes for multiple column.

  • [doc] Added language annotation to source label. [groonga-dev,01751] [Suggested by Kazuhiro Isobe]

  • Supported Cascade delete to referenced records. In previous version, You got an error for the operation.

  • [doc] Updated documentation location in README. [groonga-dev,01800] [Reported by Kazuhiro Isobe]

  • [experimental] Added ruby_eval command.

  • [doc] Added note about GQTP and HTTP for server use. [groonga-dev,01810] [Reported by Kazuhiro Isobe]


  • [admin] Fixed a bug that add value button of COLUMN_VECTOR does not work.


  • orangain

  • Naoya Murakami

  • Kazuhiro Isobe

Release 3.0.7 - 2013-08-29


  • [doc] Added API documentation. [groonga-dev,01593] [GitHub#79,#80,#81,#82,#83,#84,#85,#86,#87,#88,#89,#90,#91,#92,#93,#95,#96,#97,#98,#99,#100] [Patch by whombx]

  • [table_remove] Improved not to remove patricia trie table or hash table which is still referenced. This change avoids that referenced table is removed accidentally.

  • Improved to just ignore too long token (4096 bytes or more). This change affects when it is registered. In the previous version, it is treated as an error instead of a warning. [groonga-dev,01571] [Suggested by Naoya Murakami]

  • Improved to show actual discarded posting term in log message. [groonga-dev,01621] [Reported by Naoya Murakami]

  • [httpd] Supported loading data using POST method. [GitHub#101] [Patch by Motoi Washida]

  • [httpd] Supported groonga log as groonga_log_path directive.

  • [httpd] Supported groonga log level as groonga_log_level directive.

  • [httpd] Supported customizing cache limit as groonga_cache_limit directive.


  • Fixed a bug that error in expression may cause stack overflow. This change avoids that groonga crashes suddenly as a result of error accumlation.

  • Fixed a crash bug that offline index construction for vector column which has orphan reference causes.

  • Fixed a bug that groonga doesn’t exit on error while daemon mode starts. For example, groonga -d /tmp/non-existence.db reproduce this bug.

  • [dump] Fixed a bug that wrong table type is dumped. This bug occurs when table type is TABLE_PAT_KEY and key is reference type.

  • Fixed a bug that the default --cache-limit value is 0. The default value is changed to ‘100’.

  • Fixed a memory leak when sub_filter is used.

  • [doc] Fixed description of defrag command. [Reported by @naoina]

  • [doc] Fixed description about the way to contribute. [GitHub#77] [Patch by Masafumi Yokoyama]

  • [plugin] Fixed a crash bug on multiple DB open case. This bug affects the case that multiple plugin is used and the same database is opened from multiple process. [groonga-dev,01596] [Reported by Naoya Murakami]

  • Fixed a bug that nested match operation after AND operator doesn’t work. The select ... --filter '... && nested.column @ "keyword"' query reproduces this bug. [groonga-dev,01599] [Reported by Motoi Washida]

  • [doc] Fixed a typo about documentation of special characters. [Reported by Genki Takiuchi]

  • Fixed a typo in error message when invalid character is given. [Reported by YOSHIDA Mitsuo]


  • whombx

  • @naoina

  • Masafumi Yokoyama

  • Motoi Washida

  • Genki Takiuchi

  • YOSHIDA Mitsuo

Release 3.0.6 - 2013-07-29


  • [doc] Added documentation about parameter of sub_filter function.

  • [suggest] Supported 0MQ 3.x. [GitHub#63] [Reported by Naoya Inada]

  • Added availability check for NetBSD about pthread_{mutex,cond}attr_setpshared() [Reported by OBATA Akio]

  • Supported backslash escape in query syntax. [groonga-dev,01520] [Reported by Kouhei Tanabe]

  • [rpm][fedora] Supported Fedora 19.

  • [rpm][fedora] Dropped Fedora 18 support.

  • [httpd] Updated bundled nginx version to 1.4.2.


  • Fixed a crash bug when specific internal function (grn_obj_path()) is called for built-in proc function such as select. [Reported by Genki Takiuchi]


  • Naoya Inada

  • OBATA Akio

  • Kouhei Tanabe

  • Genki Takiuchi

Release 3.0.5 - 2013-06-29


  • [doc] Added summary about match_columns and query_string parameters in query().

  • Added subrecord information to table inspection.

  • Supported single quoted string literal in output_columns expression. This means that “XXX, ‘…’” expression is supported.

  • [doc] Added notification about root privileges and well known port when starting groonga server. [Reported by Kosuke Asami]

  • [experimental] Added html_untag function.


  • Fixed a crash bug of mroonga which is caused by missing lock for table creation. [Reported by Y.Kentaro]

  • Fixed a lot of compilation warnings by clang and gcc.

  • Fixed a bug that sub_filter(...) is ignored if you use “XXX && sub_filter(…)” expression.

  • Fixed a bug that wrong tag name is used in XML output. This bug affects the case if you use “REFERENCE_VECTOR_COLUMN._key” expression for output_columns. Reference column isn’t contained in XML ouput.

  • [doc] Fixed wrong arguments in sub_filter() documentation.

  • [deb] Fixed a bug that status action returns wrong exit code when services are stopped. [GitHub#62] [Patch by @orangain]

  • Fixed a bug that the value of arithmetic operation is broken. This bug affects the case if you assign calculated value to _score pseudo column for example.


  • Y.Kentaro

  • Kosuke Asami

  • @orangain

Release 3.0.4 - 2013-05-29


  • [tokenizer] Improved to show log message when normalized string is not given.

  • Supported _key as an argument of geo_in_circle. [Reported by @ceekz]

  • Supported to cast vector elements when groonga is used as a library.

  • Dropped Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) support.

  • Supported multiple index section in match_columns.

  • Supported tokenize command.

  • Supported to show system error message when mmap() is failed.

  • [doc][windows] Simplified build procedures by “cmake –build”.

  • Improved to restrict max execution time to prevent hanging service script. [GitHub#61] [Reported by firewood]

  • Supported to evaluate vector as boolean. By this change, empty vector is evaluated as true.

  • Improved not to log too many needless log messages. Too many log messages are truncated as “(N same messages are truncated)”.

  • [munin][groonga_n_records] Added exclude_tables option. It supports to exclude specific tables from monitoring results.

  • Supported Debian 8.0 (jessie).

  • Improved database portability by eliminating directory path of system plugins.


  • [tokenizer] Fixed a memory leak on error.

  • Fixed a bug that empty string for similar search causes SEGV. [groonga-dev,01346] [Reported by Nakai Kanako]

  • Fixed a memory leak when “VECTOR_COLUMN != xxx”, “VECTOR_COLUMN && xxx” expressions are used.

  • Fixed a bug that SIGSTOP and SIGCONT stops groonga server.

  • Fixed a crash bug when normalizer returns NULL as normalized string. [Reported by Y.Kentaro]

  • Fixed a bug that daemonize process doesn’t work on OS X. [groonga-dev,01440] [Reported by Masahiro KONISHI]

  • [deb] Fixed a bug that HTTP/GQTP process is excuted as root user.


  • @ceekz

  • Nakai Kanako

  • firewood

  • Y.Kentaro

  • Masahiro KONISHI

  • @orangain

Release 3.0.3 - 2013-04-29


  • [suggest] Supported to learn with the value of customized weight by using configuration.weight configuration.

  • Improved performance of geo-location search. For example, geo_in_rectangle is executed about 10% faster than ever.

  • [rpm][centos] Added additional_configure_options parameter for building customized groonga without changing spec file.

  • Supported KyTea 0.4.5.

  • Supported vector index access by “vector[N]” syntax.

  • Added --default-tokenizer option to groonga-suggest-create-dataset command.

  • Added --help option to groonga-suggest-create-dataset command.

  • Supported Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail.

Release 3.0.2 - 2013-03-29


  • Supported two or more indexes for a table key. This change affects to eliminate potential crash case when loading a new key to two or more indexed key.

  • Supported binary operations such as X + Y, X - Y, X * Y, X / Y, X % Y, X >> Y, X << Y, X | Y, X ^ Y, X & Y and X >>> Y for Int8, UInt8, Int16, UInt16 and UInt64.

  • Added English documentation for load command.

  • Supported binary assign operations such as X += Y, X -= Y, X *= Y, X /= Y, X %= Y, X <<= Y, X >>= Y, X >>>= Y, X &= Y, X |= Y and X ^= Y for Int8, UInt8, Int16, UInt16 and UInt64.

  • Supported unary operations such as -X for Int8, UInt8, Int16, UInt16 and UInt64.

  • Supported complex string concatination in --output_columns. For example, you can use a query such as --output_columns '"<" + title + ">"'.

  • Added the information of the repository of groonga to development page.

  • Added sub_filter() function.

  • Supported query expander in query() function. This change supports the query such as query("MATCH_COLUMNS", "QUERY", "QueryExpanderTSV").

  • Renamed --query_expansion to --query_expander. --query_expansion is regarded as deprecated.


  • Fixed a bug that snippet_html(XXX), XXX fails with “stack error”. This bug affects a query such as --output_columns 'snippet_html(title), content'. [Groonga-talk (no subject)] [Reported by Hendro Wibowo]

  • Fixed a typo about install documentation. [Reported by hino]

  • Fixed a bug that Travis-CI setup script fails. [groonga-dev,01248] [Reported by ongaeshi]

  • Fixed a memory leak. This bug affects the case which satisfy following three conditions. Column is a reference column, Column is a vector column and Reference key size is 25 byte or lager.

  • Fixed a crash bug by --output_columns _score.GARBAGE. This affects the case if GARBAGE does not exist.


  • Hendro Wibowo

  • hino

  • ongaeshi

Release 3.0.1 - 2013-02-28


  • Supported to set Bool to reference column when loading dataset by load command.

  • Supported AND operation for nested index. In this change, the expression “COLUMN1.COLUMN2 >= 1 && COLUMN1.COLUMN2 <=3” works. Note that the order is important for this expression. “1 <= COLUMN1.COLUMN2” is not supported yet. It is regarded as “COLUMN1.COLUMN2 <= 1”.

  • Supported sorting not indexed entries. This change affects the case such as --sortby geo_distance(...) drops not indexed entries.

  • Supported range search for reference column by index. This change enable you to search range by index which is TABLE_PAT_KEY or TABLE_DAT_KEY based nested index of _key.

  • [rpm][centos] Supported MeCab 0.995.

  • [doc] Added missing documentation of commands such as column_rename or truncate.


  • Fixed a bug that grn_index_cursor_next() returns NULL unexpectedly. It causes that invalid index entry is returned after deleting entries. This bug affects mroonga in storage mode. [groonga-dev,01192] [Reported by b senboku]

  • Fixed a crash bug that geo_distance() sort by index. This bug occurs by wrong the number of found records.

  • [httpd] Enabled default owner/group of database setting as groonga/groonga.


  • b senboku

Release 3.0.0 - 2013-02-09

  • Bump version to 3.0.0!


  • [deb] Fixed to install missing not EUC-JP, but UTF-8 encoding dictionary when groonga-tokenizer-mecab package is installed.

  • Fixed a bug that int64 literal is truncated to uint32 value. If you use string literal for int64, this bug does not affects.

  • [rpm][centos] Fixed a bug that stopping groonga-server-http service by init script is failed. [GitHub#53] [Patch by IWAI, Masaharu]


  • IWAI, Masaharu